Welcome to 2022. Everything is digital these days, and that includes how you capture special memories. Besides sharing to socials, digital photography is one of the best ways to ensure your favourite moments are around forever. So what are the benefits of an equine photographer?

What does an equine photographer do?

Let’s start with the basics of what an equine does. The most basic outline is a photographer who takes pictures of horses. There are a variety of different branches of equine photographer. You could shoot lifestyle and portraits, or you could gear more towards high end art equine art photography. There is also the equine sport world. With so many different disciplines there are no end to possibilities. No matter what photography avenue you go down the basics are the same. Capture the moments, and help create memories.

How do you photograph a horse show?

One of the first steps to shooting a horse show is either get invited or reach out to local shows. The biggest selling point is that the show runner doesn’t have to pay you to be there. You make money on prints that are sold.On the day of the shoot, you’ll need to find an optimal spot to shoot from. I recommend asking to see the courses ahead of time. It’s always good to verify that where you want to shoot from is good with the show runner or barn owner. Always remember – never be in the way!

Why book an equine photographer?

There are so many reasons hiring a professional is a great idea. Speaking as a horse girl it’s all about the memories. As a professional here are my top reasons for why you should hire a professional equine photographer for your event.

Professional photos

Everyone involved can benefit. Riders get memories to share on socials. Family and friends don’t bear the burden of having to perfectly capture moments. Best of all those running the show will enjoy professional photos and free publicity!

Big League Feeling

Let your riders feel like they are in the big leagues. Why should high level riders and athletes be the only ones who get to enjoy quality photos.

Capture the moments

Horse show days are busy and chaotic and special moments get lost in the chaos. Equine photographers are here, there, and everywhere capturing moments and helping riders turn them into lasting memories. Make your 2022 season one to remember for everyone. Book HM Photography for your upcoming equine event today!


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