Pricing & Packages

It's my aim to make photography affordable and accessible for all. It should not cost you everything to have your favourite memories and moments captured. Don't see a price point that's in your budget? Contact me to see what we can do that does work for you!



Make your pets* the star of the holiday show this year!

  • 1-2 pets: $50 | 30mins | Online gallery
  • 2+ pets: $65 | 30mins | Online gallery
  • Pets + Humans: $70 | 30mins | Online gallery

Portable set available with Christmas tree, decor pieces, and light-up wreath for cute wreath pet shots!


Turn your horse into a real life Breyer this year with flexible holiday options!

  • 1 horse: $70 | 30mins | Online gallery
  • 1 horse & human: $75 | 30mins | Online gallery
  • Multiple horses & humans: Contact for Pricing

This year we have TWO exciting wreath options to help turn your horse into a holiday horse!


Skip the pre-purchased Christmas cards this year and make your family the star of the show!

  • 1-5 people: $75 | 60mins | Online Gallery
  • 5+ people: $100 | 60mins | Online Gallery

Set pieces are available at no extra cost, turn any area into a holiday dream!

HM Photography, corgi puppy in holiday wreath