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Why Hire a Professional Photographer

Why should you hire a professional photographer anyway? After all, the cameras these days do everything on their own, right? It may seem that way at first glance, and surely, the automatic settings of today’s cameras are better than those even just a few years ago. So if they’re so good, why hire a photographer? To understand why, think about your car for a moment. Yes, I’m serious, your car. When something goes wrong with your car, and I mean really wrong, where do you take it? Your friend down the street does your oil changes all the time, but he’s not a mechanic. You could take it to one of the big box store auto shops, but you’ve heard too many horror stories. What about the dealership? Dollar signs is all you see. What if you took your car to a good mechanic with the right tools and experience to do the job properly? One that is trained and knows the tricks of the trade?

You see, contrary to popular belief, photography is just like that. It requires training and experience, even for those who have a natural talent. There are many situations that seem simple enough, but in reality, are difficult to capture and require certain settings or setups. And contrary to what many camera ads will tell you, automatic settings will never give you truly professional results. Maybe that’s a bold statement, but a true one nonetheless. You see, todays cameras sense faults in the photo you’ve just taken and fix them, but every change made to a digital file degrades it, lowering the quality of the image. Photographers are trained to see the problems and eliminate them before, not after, the shot is taken. If something is worth taking a photo of, it should be the best photo possible.

Of course, you can’t have a photographer there for those memories like baby’s first steps, or when they color the whole room with mom’s lipstick. Wouldn’t it be nice though to have breathtaking shots of your newborn, your whole family, some special occasion, or just because? It doesn’t have to be the cold, staged, studio look. Many photographers are now doing on site photography. Although we do have a small in home studio, we do most family photography in outdoor settings at a place special to your family where you can be comfortable, relaxed and natural. Kids can run and play, not sit with their hands folded and sitting in an uncomfortable position. After all, we want photos of you and your family, the way you really are.

Life’s memories are important and should be treasured. In fact, we consider your precious memories so important that we strive to work with every budget. If you wouldn’t take your car just anywhere to get fixed, why take the chances with your important photos. Vehicles may rust and break down, fading into the past. Don’t let that happen with your precious Happy Moments.

There are times in life where a snapshot will do. Then, there are times, you know you’ll want to treasure forever. For all the important ones, give us a call. We’ll help you to always remember your treasured Happy Moments.